The Portway Incident

Thrust into a distant galaxy, separated from Earth and the rest of humanity, a small faction of colonists evolves into a civilization.

After a civil war leaves the human population in desperate need of restoration, a rescuer comes in the form of a benevolent alien species-the Hycains.

Unfortunately, the alliance with these saviors comes with it a catch. The Hycains are at war with another alien race- a war that has been raging for thousands of years.

With a growing pacifist attitude shared by the human civilian population clashing with pressure from the Hycain government to enter the war, this isolated human civilization finds itself at a crossroads.

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“I tentatively walk over to the stagnant bodies, my steps leaving tracks in the pool of blood that covers the floor. My rifle is aimed high and ready to unleash hell in case they don’t need blood to keep fighting. As I get closer, it’s easy to see that they aren’t going anywhere. The amount of ammo we used was not only excessive, it was offensive. Where there isn’t a bullet hole there is burned and scarred bone-like flesh.

We really fucked them up.
“The barrels of our guns turn red-hot as we unleash round after round. Even the coldness of space isn’t enough to wick away the heat fast enough. The enemy’s turrets fracture and evaporate in the barrage. A thrill runs through me every time I destroy one, but so far it’s more like an amateur target practice simulation than an actual battle.

What are these bastards waiting for?

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