Have you always wanted to stare up at the stars, but hate the hassles of owning a telescope (like having to go outside)?

Slooh, a streaming company with multiple telescopes pointed toward the heavens, will soon allow you to enjoy star gazing from the comfort of your home. All you need is to visit Slooh’s website and sit back in your comfy chair and gaze away…you lazy ass.

Sorry that was a bit harsh. Maybe you just don’t own a telescope.

The once subscription-based service, Slooh is now open to the public for free. “Your interface to outer space” comes in the form of seven telescopes in the Canary Islands, and one in Chile. Distant celestial objects will be available for gazing 20 hours a day.

But hey, maybe you want more telescope freedom, like the ability to point it toward the Orion Nebula, or the Andromeda Galaxy, or your neighbor’s bedroom. Slooh has you covered. Well, except for your neighbor’s bedroom. For, a small fee you can choose the direction of a telescope for 5-10 minutes. Once again, only toward space. Slooh has two payment memberships levels including “Apprentice,” which allows for limited observation of 500 popular objects in space. While “Astronomer” is for telescope veterans who have experience working with professional telescopes.

Slooh will also connect you to a community of fellow telescope enthusiasts including frequent chat with experts from around the world.

“Slooh members get to make astronomical observations just as professional astronomers do today, using the same kind of equipment, from some of the same observatory locations.” said Paige Godfrey, Slooh’s director of research, in a statement. “The public have never before had the opportunity to do astronomy this way.”