Are you one of the many American who can’t sleep without some sort of white noise drowning out the irksome silence? Maybe the babbling of a brook or the pounding of a steady rain is only making you visit the restroom multiple times a night. If only there were something to sooth you to sleep but also satisfy that sci fi itch. Well, there is.
Ambient engine noises from your favorite science fiction programs might be just what you need to deliver a peaceful slumber. Uploaded to Youtube with up to 12 hours of pleasant droning, all the classic sci fi shows are represented, from Star Trek, to Star Wars, to Battlestar Galactica. Star Trek fans can enjoy the familiar hum of The Enterprise’s warp engine (both A and D). Voyage, the Defiant, and everybody’s favorite outpost, Deep Space Nine, is ready to offer you nerd serenity.
Star Trek a little too altruistic of a white noise? The Death Star and Cylon Basestar ambient could put your evil soul to ease. Of course, the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing are also available.

Darth Vader’s meditation chamber might be the only quicker way to REM sleep.