In what looks like a costume from a science fiction film, Space X has unveiled the first photos of the protective gear their astronauts may soon be wearing aboard the Dragon Capsule. These aren’t your grandpa’s bloated spacesuits, and look nothing like their NASA counterparts. The Musk suit is slimmer and sexier. It’s almost enough to get a space fan’s heart pumping.

The founder and CEO of Tesla and Space X admitted via an Instagram post that it “was incredibly hard to balance aesthetics and function,” yet “Easy to do either separately.”

Although the suit looks more like a billionaire’s motor cycle gear rather than a traditional space suit, Musk assures that the equipment works and has already been tested to double vacuum pressure. The South African-born business tycoon noted that this suit was “not a mockup” and promised to reveal more images soon.

The sleek black and white suit, which features a tinted visor and opposable gloves, was developed by Hollywood designer Jose Fernandez. The same designer worked on Wonder Woman, Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and X-Men, which explains why the Musk suit has such a superhero vibe.

Space X was awarded a $2.6 billion contract to design and develop technology capable of carrying humans into space and eventually Mars. The Crew Dragon, the capsule developed by Space X, has passed initial design certifications and is ready to proceed to the next level of testing.