Daniel Radcliffe rushed to aid of a mugging victim Friday, according to the Evening Standard. The Harry Potter actor was walking down King’s Road in London, when he saw a man suffering from a knife wound. Radcliffe did what any hero would do… he stuck around for a bit.

It’s unknown what Ratcliffe was able to provide for the victim. First Aid? Healing Spells?


The victim was reportedly a 50-something year-old man with a wound to the face. The man was attacked by two muggers before they made off with his Louis Vuitton bag. Radcliffe was one of the many people who stopped to help the victim.

I guess you would call that a muggle mugging…am I right? No, I’m not. Okay, moving on.

The two attackers escaped on a moped before former police officer David Videcette could apprehend them. Videscette, who also happens to be part of Met Police’s counter-terrorism unit, admitted to the Evening Standing it was a surreal experience to see Radcliffe consoling the victim, and called the British actor a “nice bloke.”

“You’re Daniel Radcliffe,” Videcette asked the British actor. “I am,” Radcliffe simply replied. A spokeswoman for Daniel Radcliffe confirmed that he was at the scene.

Radcliffe isn’t the first celebrity to come to the rescue of a bystander. In 2001, Matthew McConaughey performed CPR on a woman after she suffered a seizure. Clint Eastwood performed the Heimlich maneuver on someone choking on an appetizer at an AT&T Beach National Pro-Am tournament. Not to be outdone, Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy Osbourne), noticed a woman drowning in the water. He and a friend rescued her from the water and performed CPR when the woman started having a heart attack.

All of those separate life saving moments are pretty impressive, until you compare them to 11-year-old Janae Huff’s story. According to 10 News Tampa Bay, the sixth grader from Jennings Middle School performed the Heimlich on a choking classmate, saving his life. Or Skylar Berry, an Orchard Elementary School sixth grader who rescued a friend from drowning at a pool party. Berry had just recently learned how to perform CPR, and used it to save her friend’s life. These kids may not play heroes on the big screen, but they are certainly heroes in real life.