Arguably one the most popular Halloween costumes this year was Pennywise, the terrifying clown from the Stephen King adaptation It. Maybe you have seen someone wearing this costume and thought to yourself, “Hey, I instantly don’t like this person.” And perhaps you have been intentionally avoiding the film, because you know, it’s a movie about a killer clown.

Well, imagine flipping through some of your favorite photos and through closer observation notice Pennywise looming in the background. Hilarious, right?

So funny you want to run and scream.

In what might be the ultimate brother prank, Buzzfeed’s Jesse McLaren discretely added Pennywise to his sister’s engagement photos.

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She found him

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“Countdown until she notices,” he simply wrote on Twitter.

Brother prank: hilarious for the brother, not so funny for the sister.

His sister noticed the clown immediately and responded. “On one hand, I really hope that you get the help you need. On the other…I totally want to use these.”