Wonder Woman may have defeated Ares, Doctor Poison, and will presumably fight against a legion of aliens in the upcoming Justice League, but her next battle will be going toe-to-toe with the patriarchy itself.

During a promotional interview with IGNGal Gadot issued a warning to misogynists in Hollywood. When interviewed by co-star Ezra Miller, the Flash actor asked Gadot to deliver a message to the male-dominated world.

“I’m really into the idea of the turning of the tides, and the idea of the last couple thousand years of human history have been so male-dominated in a way that has not always served us – clearly, here we are on the brink of destruction – and so I wonder if you would say something for me,” Miller asks. “Would you say, into the camera, ‘Hetero-patriarchy, your wrath upon this world is over’? I want it so bad!”

After a few moments pondering the request, the Israeli-born actress offered the following message instead: “I’m just going to say, ‘Misogynist sexists, your wrath upon this world is over.'”

Gal Gadot has become a prominent figure in the conversation about representation of women in film. When asked by the Rolling Stone if she considers herself a feminist, Gal Gadot responded, “Yes, of course. Every woman, every man, everyone, should be a feminist. Because whoever is not a feminist is a sexist.”

The former Miss Israel has already stated that she will not reprise her role as Wonder Woman if Brett Ratner is involved. Ratner’s production company RatPac-Dune Entertainment helped produce Wonder Woman, and the fiscal success of the film has made Ratner a great deal of money. The producer also happens to be one of the many Hollywood men accused of sexual misconduct. Gadot was scheduled to present the man accused by six woman of sexual harassment with an award during a dinner to honor him, yet backed out in protest.

Gadot isn’t the only woman responsible for the success of Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins, the director of the film, is in talks to create a sequel to the smash hit. She is currently working to secure herself a better deal, which could make her the highest paid female director in Hollywood.