Those living on the International Space Station don’t enjoy much food variety, probably going months eating the same easily-packaged food. When Astronauts get a hankering for pizza they can’t simply call the nearest pizza joint.

I’m no expert in space travel but I’m pretty sure Dominoes doesn’t deliver past the stratosphere.

However, a commercial supply ship recently arrived at the International Space Station with a special treat for the astronauts aboard–pizza and ice cream.

The Cygnus capsule, which was captured by the space station’s robot arm, came with flatbread and all the ingredients for a make-your-own pizza. The shipment also contained ice cream cups, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars and frozen fruit bars.

Ice cream is a rare treat for astronauts, because in space, no one can hear you ice cream.

Of course, the capsule wasn’t just an expensive food delivery service. Cygnus was packed with crew supplies, science gear, space station hardware, and computer gear. It also contained mealworms and micro clovers, not to eat, for experimentation aboard the station.

SpaceX, will be delivering the next shipment. Who knows what special treats will be inside? Probably more space station hardware and meal worms.