If you are a science fiction junkie, like myself, then its safe to say you have already binged the fourth season of “Black Mirror.”

The Twilight Zone-inspired Netflix series which makes you question the use of any technology in you home or at work has accumulated a loyal and active fan base.

Each episode may be very much different from the rest (ranging from a politician having sex with a pig to serial killer bees) but many fans are convinced that the show is embedded in a shared universe. The affectionately named Brooker-verse, after show creator Charlie Brooker, is believed to be filled with clues to this shared reality. Clues which fans have been attempting to find in each distinct episode.

Is “Black Mirror” all part of a larger messed-up alternate dimension? Or worse… is it actually our not too distinct future?! Or is it just a show, a good show.

Knowing that fans have been compulsively hunting for Easter eggs, show creators have been adding some winks and nods to the viewer. In fact, the final episode of season 4, “Black Museum,” features a stockpile of memorabilia from past episodes. The Telegraph generated a whole list of all the Easter eggs featured in that episode if you are interested.

One of the best Easter eggs, however, just happens to be one hidden in the episode “Crocodile,” the one about the hit-and-runner lady who turns into a baby killer. Viewers who were paying very close attention to the episode found a message directed just towards them in a close-up image of a newspaper. What did the paper read?

“Of course, the real questions is why anyone would pause what they’re watching just to read a sentence in a printed out newspaper article.”

A freaky moment in an already freaky episode. The only way it could have been freakier is if the message ended with, ‘Oh, and she is standing right behind you.”

A shared universe would be fun, although it seems like Brooker is just having a little fun with us.