Stan Lee might need a hero.

The Marvel comics legend is having a rough go of it the last couple of years. His wife of 69 years passed away in July of 2017. He had to cancel several con appearances in February while battling pneumonia. He is suing a former business manager for fraud. Now, there have been rumors that the 95-year-old has been suffering elder abuse from his daughter.

Unfortunately, with his advanced age and estimated net worth between $50 million and $70 million, some see Stan Lee as a mark worth exploiting rather than an comic book legend worth celebrating. There have been conflicting reports that Lee’s daughter, J.C, might be one of those people.

Rumors began to propagate that J.C. was abusive to her father and would often try to manipulate him into giving her money.

A document, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, states that Lee and his late wife had arranged a trust for their daughter in the hopes of mitigating her alleged overspending. The documents states that “it is not uncommon for J.C to charge, in any given month, $20,000 to $40,000 on credit cards, sometimes more.” The document is believed to be a cry for help from Stan Lee claiming J.C “typically yells and screams at me and cries hysterically if I do not capitulate.”

Three other men with “bad intentions” were also listed in the document, accused of influencing J.C. to take advantage of her father and to gain over control of his assets.

A few days after Lee met with the attorney to make the declaration, Lee, for reasons unknown, changed his mind. Instead, Stan Lee made drastic lifestyle changes. First, he downgraded his long time personal assistant, Mike Kelly, to weekly visits pre-approved by J.C. His phone number was changed, emails were being monitored. Even Stan Lee’s longtime housekeeper and gardener were fired. Many have speculated that J.C. manipulated her father into making those changes.

The creator of such comic book characters as Spider-Man, The Hulk, and The X-Men strongly denies the reports about his daughter’s mistreatment. In fact, Stan Lee claims his relationship with his daughter “has never been better.” In a recent video, Lee even threatened to sue anyone who would publish the “lies.” “I’m going to spend every penny I have to put a stop to this,” said Lee. “If you don’t stop these articles and publish retractions, I am gonna sue your ass off.”

Those publishing the “lies” aren’t the only ones Lee is after. Stan Lee also recently filed suit against a former business manager, Jerardo Olivare, and accused of, among other terrible things, selling vials of his blood as collectibles.

Will people just be nice to Stan Lee! He created Spider-Man for goodness sake!