The culmination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally here.  Avengers: Infinity War opened to a $300 million domestic weekend, due largely to the fact that the movie is pretty good. I mean, holy guacamole, it is amazing! As someone who grew up reading comic books, my favorite movements were always the huge crossover storylines. Seeing every Marvel character joining forces to battle a shared threat filled my nerd-heart with such gladness.  Avengers: Infinity War is essentially the cinematic version of a crossover event. The film has a lot going for it. It has action, humor, romance, aliens, gauntlets, dwarves, pirate-angle tears, and probably one of the best villains to date. In fact, why don’t we go through the five greatest moments in Avengers: Infinity War.

Oh, and of course, spoilers ahead


5. Thanos whoops the Hulk’s green behind

The Russo brothers had an incredibly daunting task in setting up this villain.  Not only did Thanos have to be powerful enough to take on all the Avengers, Guardians, and Doctor Strange, but he couldn’t be just another mustache-twirling wrongdoer.  The opening sequence of Infinity War successfully sets the tone that Thanos isn’t messing around.  What better way to quickly establish the power of the Mad Titan than by showing him easily subduing the strongest Avenger? Thanos whoops the Hulk so hard it turns the fearless warrior into a coward for the rest of the film. The sons of Thanos don’t even seem concerned that a raging monster is attacking their leader. When Squidward (I don’t care about his real name, he will always be known as Squidward) tells his buddy to “let him have his fun?” you knew things were going to go poorly. In fact, the good guys losing was a constant thread throughout the movie.

starlord and ironman

4. The quips

If you hate quips this film is not for you. There are quips, on quips, on quips in Avengers: Infinity War. If we know anything about the superheroes of the MCU, it’s that they can’t simply defeat a villain, they must first insult them, burn them with mockery, and bury them in popular culture references. Iron Man led the quip charge by calling one of Thanos’ goons Squidward. Of course, there were many friendly-fire quips as well. Iron Man couldn’t resist taking down the Guardians with jabs like “Mr. Clean,” and “Flash Gordon.” Not to be outdone, Star-Lord tossed in a few good one-liners against Thanos with “Grimace” while also getting some shots at Thor. Don’t forget about Dr. Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme wasn’t going to allow Iron Man to go home without referencing the size of his head. But wait, there’s more! Spider-man, probably the quip-iest character in the comic books, had time to stretch his diss muscles. “Magic…Magic…Magic with a kick.” So many dank quips! In fact, I’m starting to notice a trend here. Do Marvel films rely heavily on humor?


3. Thor appears on the Wakanda battlefield

At first, seeing every other Avenger and Guardian battling Thanos and his goons while Thor goes on a quest to make a new hammer was really bumming me out. Besides the funny interactions between Thor and Rocket (sweet rabbit) it seemed a bit of a waste for the mightiest Avengers to be sidelined on a separate B-story. But Holy Stormbreaker, does it pay off! Thor teleporting to the battlefield with Groot and Rocket to join the rest of the Avengers might have been the biggest applause moments of the movie. “You are so screwed,” was an understatement. Thor may very well be my favorite character, and I think Thor: Ragnorak had much to do with that.

This scene also rewarded us with Winter Soldier and Rocket to doing their spinny-gunny move. By the way, what is Rocket’s obsession with stealing robotic body parts?

Yet even Thor’s new Stormbreaker wasn’t enough to take down the Mad Titan, which leads me to arguably the greatest moment in the film.


2. The ending

If you hated the ending, I understand why. Judging by the many fan discussions, videos, and blogs, I have deciphered that people are upset over the ending for one of two reasons. First, you hated the ending because the bad guy won, and a bunch of heroes died. Oh, no! Or, you hated the ending because you know that Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming are scheduled for sequels and this whole “every hero turns to dust” thing has no real stakes.  Wrong! I mean, not wrong. You’re allowed to have your opinion. Even if it’s wrong! Sorry. Once again, it’s okay if you didn’t like the ending.

Here’s the thing, Thanos winning was the perfect way to end this film. Not only was it a very comic book-y cliff hanger, but how many times have we seen a superhero introduce a villain then kill the villain off by the conclusion of the film (Iron Man, Iron Man II, all the rest of them). Even the good villains (Killmonger) suffer from this comic book convention. If Thanos isn’t the greatest Marvel villain to date, then he is certainly at the top of the list. That’s because his motivations were clear and believable. Mass genocide may not be something we can all get behind, but we understand why he was doing it. In his own sick way, he was trying to fix the universe.  The Russo brothers made this film Thanos’s story for a reason. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the rest have all been established with the 18 films leading up to this one. Thanos was really the only character that needed to be established. Seeing this story from his perspective, defeating all the heroes and smiling at the end, was terrifying.

Will most of the dead heroes be back. Yeah, probably, but that’s not the point. The stakes lay in how the remaining heroes will get them back.

nick fury

1. The after credits scene

With so many heroes in this film, I almost forgot about Nick Fury. It was good to see him alive and kicking, well, for the 5 minutes he was alive and kicking.  The Marvel post-credits scene has become a bit of a disappointment lately. I can’t remember the last time I sat through 10 minutes of credits, my bladder ready explode, and said to myself, “Wow, I’m glad I saw that.” Yet this one may very well be the best since the original Iron Man.  I’ll admit, my anticipation for Captain Marvel was relatively low until I saw Nick Fury disappearing with just enough time to single Captain Marvel. Apparently, Carol Danvers is going to have a bigger role in the Infinity War sequel than previously suggested. We know Captain Marvel will be set in the 90’s. So, where has she been all this time? Maybe she is space-fighting the Kree. I guess we will have to wait until March to find out.  I can’t wait. Well played, Marvel. You have my nerd allegiance once again.