Disney’s blockbuster buyout of 21st Century Fox is still in the preliminary phases, but many fans are already wondering when will Wolverine join the MCU, and, more importantly, who will play him.
This acquisition of Fox properties will finally bring the Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and the X-Men back where they belong…with Marvel. Hugh Jackman has been asked on multiple occasions if he would reconsider his retirement, but it looks like the 49-year-old actor has departed from that role for good.
So, I decided to create a list of actors I feel should play the MCU Wolverine. Yes, many have already created this list, and sure I could have said to myself, “hey, myself, why don’t you write something that hasn’t already been discussed ad nauseam?” My answer would be, “Shut up, me! Stop trying to use big words, you idiot. I’m allowed to have my own opinions. Plus, no one likes you.”

Anyway, here is it. For you all to disagree with.

Tom Hardy

tom hardy
It seems Marvel can go in two directions. They could either cast an A–list celebrity (the likes of Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch) to be one of the flagship characters of the MCU going forward. Or keep Wolverine more comic accurate and cast an upcoming star. Wolverine was never supposed to be a leading man. He’s a loner who goes where he wants to go. Of course, if Marvel is sold on making him the face of the X-Men, everybody’s pick is Tom Hardy. He’s got the build, he’s got the acting chops, and we know he can do a great deal with very little dialogue. But here is the thing; he’s already in everything. He has played two iconic characters in Bane and Mad Maxx, and he’s been cast as Venom in the Sony adaption of the Spider-Man villain. He’s also getting up there in age (40). If you cast Tom Hardy you are guaranteeing that the character will have to be recast after three or four movies. We’ve already had three Spider-Men, three Hulks, and five Batmen (and we’re are about to have another), let’s treat Wolverine like the head coaching position of the Pittsburgh Steelers, one good hire a decade. That was a football reference in an article about comic book characters…so…appropriate.

Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gilli2
If Marvel wanted to strike while the iron is hot, no one is hotter than Jake Gyllenhall. He has an impressive resume of great performances (“Nightcrawler,” “Prisoners,” “Donnie Darko”) and we’ve seen him put on muscle (Southpaw). The 37-year old actor would the perfect replacement for Robert Downey Jr as the Marvel leading man. Some may argue that Jilly Gylly (a nickname that I just came up with and already hate) doesn’t have the inner darkness that a Wolverine must possess, that he’s too much of a pretty boy. Counter argument: Hugh Jackman isn’t exactly a hideous monster. Actor’s act, and Jilly Gylly (like it again) would just have to find the conflicted deadly killer inside himself. Marvel really should pounce on Gyllenhall before DC has the chance to swap him in for Batman.

Kit Harington

Okay, I get it. If Gyllenhaal is considered a pretty boy than Kit Harington is a ballerina. We really don’t know if Kit has the range to go full Wolverine. We know he can brood. He sure does love to brood in “Game of Thrones.” He is short, and if he could put on some muscle he might resemble a comic book concise Logan. Yes, he would have to adjust that noble accent, but if we have learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that the pretty boys sometimes make the best comic book bad boys. Who would have thought an actor whose filmography included “10 Things I Hate About You,” “A Knight’s Tale,” and “Brokeback Mountain” would gift us with the greatest Joker performance of all time? That’s right, I’m talking about Cesar Romero. Kit Harington would certainly bring in the ladies. I say give him a chance. Or don’t. I should emphasize that I don’t have the power to cast anyone in anything.

Charlie Hunnam

hunnam 1
Hunnam, who played the brute with the heart of gold on the hit FX series “Sons of Anarchy,” could make for a great Wolverine. Yes, he’s a little tall (6’1), but sometimes comic book accuracy can be ignored for quality acting. The only question is: Is Hunnam a good actor? He’s already got the conflicted bad boy thing down (something that is essential for a Wolverine performance). But can he play anyone other than Jax Teller? He played Jax Teller in Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur,” and he played Jax Teller in “Pacific Rim.” He would have to bring something different to a Wolverine performance. He would also have to trash his infamous pimp walk. Maybe replace it with a more comic book accurate hunched trudge?

By the way, hunched trudge is my favorite Holiday themed chocolate snack.

John Boyega

Wait! What? No! You can’t.

Before you get your alt-right underwear in a bunch (see what I did there, I implied that you’re racist), hear me out. Just because Wolverine is white in the comics doesn’t mean he has to be white in the MCU. The essence of the character is what is important, not the skin color. Boyega is on the up-and-up, and his performance in “Detroit” shows he has some range (I’m assuming…I never saw “Detroit.” But either did you). Give him some claws, and some side burns and you’ll see he makes the perfect Wolverine. Will the fans lose their collective mind? Probably. If we have learned anything from fans, it’s that they are eventually very accepting if the performance is great. Sure, their acceptance is preceded with bouts of whining and complaining. Remember how many people complained about Ben Affleck as Batman? It won’t ruin your childhood if Wolverine is black. Your childhood probably wasn’t that great anyway.

Emilia Clark

emily clark
Wow. Look how progressive I am, including a woman in a list of actor’s who should play Wolverine. Sure, this would be more of a X-23 situation, but having another strong female hero is just what Marvel needs. If Hugh Jackman is going to retire the claws for good, maybe retiring the male version of the character for a while is the way to go. Emilia Clark has such a strong following of fans it would ensure some butts in some movie theatre seats (something that Disney would surely enjoy). Terminator Genisys wasn’t her fault. She’s got a toughness that would work well with a clawed and flawed antihero. She may not be as pretty as Kit Harington, but no one can discredit her sex appeal.

What did you think of my list? Disagree with everything. Good! We can have differing opinions. Now go complain about how much you hated “The Last Jedi” (even though it was amazing).