Mendoza Chapter 1

“Oh god, don’t stop!”

Tina’s screams become muffled as I put my hand over her mouth.

“Shut up, someone might hear you, Tina.”

I don’t exactly want the whole space station to know I’m here. My hand only stays over her mouth for a moment before she grabs my wrist and moves my fingers into her mouth. All four of them. And I have big hands.

Well, this is new.

This has become a daily routine for us. We meet at her quarters after work, have sex, wake up for a snack, fuck again, and then report to our posts. We choose her quarters because my squad mates know where I’m bunked. Technically, I think it’s against regulations for the two of us to fraternize, but I’m more concerned about the shit I would catch from the guys. Tina isn’t exactly the type of woman you go bragging to your friends about.

The woman below me wraps her legs around my waist, tightly-gripping my hips and turning hers up towards mine. Better angle of approach. Good strategy. I was close to finishing anyway, but the novelty of my fingers down her throat combined with her groans and my accelerating thrusts push me over the edge. I unload inside of her, taking a moment to enjoy the wonderful numbness, then feel a sudden urge to leave. Now. Before she gets to talking.

My eyes, which remained closed during the majority of the engagement, open to see the euphoria on her face. Contentment and affection stare back at me. I merely see her large nose, acne, and a mole that looks a little too splotchy to be benign. Damn, she really is ugly.

I turn to look at the clock. 0534. Eight minutes. New record. Got too excited, probably should have pulled out. I hope her infertility injections are up to date.

Before Tina has time to reflect on our closeness, I jump out of bed and begin looking for my clothes. I can see my pants hiding under a pile of pillows, but the rest of my outfit is missing in action.

I’m still close enough to the bed for Tina to lean over and grab my arm. “Stay here with me for a little while.” I give a hard to tug to remove her grasp.

“I have to report to my post soon. What do you have to eat?”

I catch a glimpse of my shirt is hanging off the far side of her kitchen table, so I head over to retrieve it. On my way, I notice my reflection in one of Tina’s mirrors. My chest and arms have clearly enjoyed the extra blood flow from this morning’s exercise. The dehydration from the full night’s sleep has also given my abs the chance to protrude from my midsection. I give my chest muscles a couple contractions causing them to bounce up and down. I raise my arms and appreciate the effects of the past few weeks of training.

I’d fuck me.

Tina refuses to get up, and instead lies enticingly with the bed sheets only partially covering her naked body. Her large breasts, unable to withstand the force of the station’s artificial gravity, droop off each side like two water balloons. She moves her left arm up and down her body, fingers lightly caressing the inside of her thigh and slowly making it up to the bottom of her breasts. Her hair is tangled and matted, pale skin flushed with a rosy glow. Her eyes follow me as I move about the room.

She wants more, both physically and emotionally. I’d be inclined to give her the former, but my need for that just escaped me. I could be with better looking women on this station, but Tina is just ugly enough to let me do inappropriate things to her body while lacking the self-confidence to confront me in public about our arrangement. She’s skinny and has big tits, but that really concludes the list of her defining qualities.

Her sexual freedom almost came with a terrible cost. Tina suggested that we make things rough two weeks ago. I bruised her throat and gave her a black eye. I thought the finger-nail scratches on my back were infected at one point. Apparently her cover story was that she was involved in a sports accident. I guess she wasn’t really lying. She did receive some balls to the face.

“My parents will be visiting Portway in a couple weeks. What do you say about us all having dinner one night?”

This isn’t good. I need to find a way to shoot this down without hurting her feelings.

“Shit no!”


Her voice is beginning to grow shrill.

“I said, No.” I speak a little louder this time to make sure she gets the hint.


This is what I was hoping to avoid by leaving quickly.

“You just deep-throated my right arm. I’m still trying to process that, so no, I’m not ready to meet your damn parents.” I rather enjoyed my fingers in her mouth, but faking outrage should embarrass her enough to shut her up.

“Okay, okay.”


“Don’t you need to get to…..communications?” She does work in communications, right?

“Let’s call in sick today. I’ll make you some breakfast. Plus, I could use another round with my ’Little Cherokee.’”

Damn it, woman.

A few weeks ago she asked me how my skin stayed so tan on a station with artificial lights, and why I chose a large tribal tattoo for my back. I told her it was inspired by my grandfather who brought the same design over from Earth. After I explained what I thought I knew of my heritage from my family’s life on the other side of the wormhole, she thought it charming to refer to my dick as her “Little Cherokee”. That genius nickname just shows how clever Tina can be.

“If we call in sick together, it will be too suspicious. I’m not going to get kicked out of the SPO program because you’re feeling needy.”

The next few minutes are filled with the awkward silence of Tina’s disappointment. I ignore her obvious staring as I stand at her counter and eat a breakfast composed of random things I found in her bunk.

I look over at one point to see Tina has halfway donned a silk robe. By neglecting to tighten it, she has left one breast exposed in an attempt to entice me to stay. Unfortunately for her, my mind is already on the more exciting endeavors of today’s training.

As I finish my breakfast and turn to leave without saying anything, she manages to jump out of bed and scurry over to me before I make it through the bulkhead door. She wraps her arms around my waist while I crane my head around the hallway to make sure the coast is clear.

“It wouldn’t kill you to miss one day of work, would it?”

“No, but it may kill you.”

I break her hands free from my waist and step out into the hallway without looking back. I think I hear a faint “bye” escape her mouth, but I’m already turning the corner and heading for my room.

I only have a few minutes to change my clothes and wash myself with a towel still damp from yesterday. I grab a handful of prescription stimulants that the doctors give to special operations, and pop them without counting how many. They kick in immediately and I feel my heart rate increase as my vision and hearing sharpen to an uncomfortable degree.

Time to be dangerous.

Mendoza Chapter 2

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